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I’m a bit of a vocab geek. I love collecting unusual words and using precise words for specific meanings. “Travel” is such a broad term but there are so many variations! In a previous post, I put together some of my favorite foreign words that have no English translation. Today, I’d like to improve your English vocabulary. Here are some of my favorite travel-related English words and their particular definitions.

Of course, I have to begin with:

Gadabout: One who travels often or to many different places, especially for pleasure

Peregrinate: To travel or wander from place to place, especially by foot.

Coddiwomple: (slang) To travel purposefully towards a vague destination.

Barnstorming: Traveling to different places to give speeches, perform shows, etc. 


Barnstorming: To pilot one’s airplane in sightseeing flights with passengers or in exhibition stunts in an unscheduled course.

Rove: To wander aimlessly.

Expatriate: A person who lives in a foreign land.

Circumnavigate: To travel all the way around (something) in a ship, airplane, etc.

Sojourn: A temporary stay, especially as a traveler or guest.

Whistle-stop: To take a trip consisting of several brief, usually overnight, stops.


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