Making the Most of Included Breakfasts


When I’m looking for a place to stay while traveling, having breakfast included is not a must-have on my list of criteria. I’m happy to pick up a yogurt or croissant and a coffee for $2 at the gas station to start my day – not a big cost. However, when I do find myself in an accommodation that includes breakfast, I certainly make the most of it!

Etiquette on indulging in included breakfasts varies by person but also by the style of breakfast and of the accommodation. A sit-down, plated, home-cooked meal at a bed and breakfast or Airbnb room is different from a buffet at a chain hotel or a continental make-your-own at a hostel. You have to read the situation and decide which of the following tips make sense to capitalize on this free meal.

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Fill Up


Ok, no brainer here. Even if you don’t normally eat too much in the mornings, make the most of a free breakfast by eating more. This is especially applicable in a buffet or fix-you-own situation where you can just grab whatever you like. It’s probably acceptable to ask for a bit more of a plated meal if there is some leftover, but not to load up your gullet or ask your host to cook more.

If you do have the opportunity to fill up on breaky, it will hopefully give you some good energy to start your day of sightseeing or activities, and maybe even last you through another meal. By eating a huge breakfast, maybe you can skip lunch, or just have a small snack as you are out and about – saving you money and allowing you to eat on the go if you have a busy day.


Pocket a Snack


Again, this is more applicable to buffets and make-your-own breakfasts, but not exclusively. As you are filling up your plate, think about not only what you will eat immediately, but what would keep well for later.

A piece of fruit is usually a great option, or making a sandwich from the bread for toast, or pocketing a bagel or muffin or pastry. This is another way to extend that included breakfast to last two meals, whether it’s a full lunch (like the sandwich or bagel) or a snack to top you up from that big breakfast (like the fruit or muffin).

If you maximize the benefit of an included breakfast, it can effectively give you two free meals. Thus saving you money. I never pay more to have my hostel or Airbnb host feed me, but if I’m deciding between two comparable accommodations in price and facilities, the added value of an included breakfast would probably sway me to that option. It’s a small thing that can add up to nice little savings over the course of a trip, especially if you make the most of it!

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